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Why Reputation Vitals?

Business data is not limited to what business owners know!

Reputation Vitals helps business owners discover events that affect their brands on the Internet. Backed by highly intelligent machine-learning-based system, Reputation Vitals is the only proven solution for protecting brand reputation. Our simple-to-use user interface leads business owners in steps to what needs to be done. Brand name can a be product, small business, or an individual name. Social media can be a great tool for brand globalization, but this can make it vulnerable to social gossip. Reputation Vitals can detect that gossip and predict reviews and ratings before they happen. Those predictions are translated into recommendations and procedures. In addition, Reputation Vitals helps Small and Medium sized businesses reveal the hidden value in every piece of information to support corporate growth, revenue increase, and greater precision when taking business decisions.

Who needs Reputation Vitals?

Reputation Vitals enables Business owners to Monitor business health, Prevent security attacks, Discover inaccurate reviews, wrong public information or even build Internet presence from the scratch. Executives can use it for Identity protection, Reputation management, and for Predicting cyber and social attacks. Investors, Insurance companies, and Customers can use it for Risk analysis.

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  • Fully Responsive


    Collect Social Data

    Reputation Vitals data collector gathers social media posts, images, blogs, chats, articles, reviews, ratings, search engines, websites, and more to search for clues of social gossip against our clients. Those clues are filtered using advanced data-mining algorithms. This process runs 24/7 on our servers to make sure the Internet is a safer place for all.

  • Fully Responsive


    Predict Reviews and Ratings

    Reputation Vitals uses an award-winning advanced machine-learning algorithm that is designed and implemented by Analytics Incorporated CEO, Dr. Samer Fayssal. This algorithm is capable of learning user-behaviour toward a brand and detect changes in those behaviours that leads to negative or positive online gossip. This algorithm can be used to detect negative gossip that leads to bad reviews or positive gossip that creates a great method for viral marketing.

  • Fully Responsive



    Analytics Incorporated decided to have those invaluable predictions in the hands of the people that needs them most, the hard-working business owners, that struggle everyday to keep their business safe and their brand name clean. Reputation Vitals translates those sophisticated data predictions into easy to use recommendations. Send us, our highly trained experts are ready to help. Join the crowd today and take advantage of our promotions.

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